Ardenbrite : Metallic Paint : 1 litre : Bronze Ardenbrite : Metallic Paint : 1 litre : Bronze

Ardenbrite : Metallic Paint : 1 litre : Bronze

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Ardenbrite Metallic Paint is a high quality, solvent-borne, metal pigmented paint. It is suitable for interior and exterior use on plaster, paper, wood, plastic, ceramic, previously painted or primed metal, previously painted and Cementitious areas.

Ardenbrite Metallic Paint is also suitable for painting bridges, lifts, lamp posts and balustrading as well as domestic items such as plasterwork, radiators, doors, iron gates, railings, fencing, ironwork and metalwork. Overcoat with 2 coats of Ardenbrite Protective Glaze when used outdoors, or, one liberal coat of Ardenbrite Protective Glaze for internal areas where the finished surface is likely to handled or knocked. Use Ardenbrite QD Base Coat as a primer and adhesion promoter where necessary.

The fast drying formulation enables the system to be applied quickly with minimum disruption and provides an excellent alternative to traditional methods of gilding – the Sovereign Gold No.8 is established as the only acceptable substitute for gold leaf and is easy applied – at a fraction of the price.

Application method: Conventional spray application is preferred for larger flat areas to obtain the best uniform appearance, Brush or roller application is only acceptable for smaller or detailed areas. Approx coverage is 12 square meters per litre.

  • Unique and classical decorative gilt finish
  • High quality liquid metal coating
  • Practical – easily applied and fast drying
  • Versatile – wide range of applications
  • Suitable for internal and external use

A recommended alternative to this paint is Tixe Rich Gold paint. Find it here



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