Biyomap : Biyosafe Foam Edge Protectors for Artwork

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Biyomap edge protectors eliminate the need for environmentally harmful plastic bubble wrap and are reusable (saving money and contributing towards waste reduction). These foam edge protectors fit snugly onto the sides of canvases and other framed artwork cushioning them against damage in transit. Unlike standard edge protection strips, Biyomap Biyosafe Foam Edge Protectors do not require time consuming cutting to create the perfect shape. These edge protectors can be used in conjunction with Biyomap Shipping and Storage Bags.

Biyomap Biyosafe Foam Edge Protectors are safe, reusable and time saving. Biyomap is the ideal choice for eco-friendly and thrifty artists.

Biyomap Edge Protectors come in three different sizes (45 x 60mm, 35 x 45mm and 25 x 35mm). Please note, the sizes given for these edge-protectors are the maximum and minimum distances between the front and back clasps. They are thus a measure of the ideal thickness of the artwork and its frame.

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Quality Excellent

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