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Welcome to our new blog!

It is in its infancy, but we hope to grow it into somewhere people can come together to learn, swap stories and help each other out.

This blog can be whatever you want to make it. Got something you’d like to see featured? Let us know!
Working on a project and need some guidance or advice? Send us an email and we’ll try to come up with a solution, or find you someone who can!

At Handover we are always interested to hear what you are doing, what our products are being used for. Drop us a line to let us know!

Established over 60 years ago, we take pride in hand making professional quality brushes at our workshops in London and in Welwyn Garden City. We also specialise in supplies for gilders, signwriters, pinstripers, specialist decorators, artists and a wide range of other craftsmen working in stained glass, graining, marbling, stencilling, theatrical make-up, picture restoration, scenic painting, coach painting and a host of other skills.

To supplement our own production we also stock a comprehensive range of decorating tools and brushes, scumble glazes, signwriting enamels, varnishes, french polishes, universal strainers, pigments and artists’ oil colours, water colours and acrylics.

We are one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of gold leaf and gilding supplies with extensive stocks of genuine gold leaf (in several shades and carats), white gold, moongold, palladium, silver and copper as well as imitation gold and imitation silver.

Our wide range of products is used by the country’s finest craftsmen in museums, film studios, stately homes and the Houses of Parliament. Our loyal customers range from independent decorators through to the royal household at Buckingham Palace.

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  1. Mitch R
    Mitch R · August 10, 2016 at 13:37:00 · →


    My names Mitch I am a Sign painter from Australia, I was going to ask when ” Mike Meyers Morgue Files ” Book comes out if you would very kindly put aside a book for me, and ship it to Australia, I would pay the extra shipping fee!

    If you could email me back at, mitchr.signs@gmail.com that would much appreciated.


  2. Sue
    Sue · April 14, 2017 at 10:06:20 · →

    Hi, I have recently bought some of your bronze powders and your medium to use them with. I have used them twice and although I am happy with the results, I do have some concerns. There are no instructions on the tin containing the medium on how to use, drying times, washing brushes etc. I have found that the medium dries incredibly quickly and clogs up brushes whilst using them. I have been advised by a member of your staff that white spirit is the best product to wash brushes in but whilst using, it doesn’t seem to be very effective in keeping brushes clean. The powder seems to stick to the brush and I have to wipe it off with a tissue or cloth before putting once more, putting it into the white spirit , making fine work difficult. After finishing, cleaning brushes with warm water and washing up liquid does seem to be effective but I think it would be useful to put instruction on the tin. I am also a little concerned about what the medium contains to make it so hazardous.


  3. David
    David · May 21, 2018 at 02:47:33 · →

    Sorry to contact you on your blog – but we live in NZ and have been wanting to order a Gilders Knife – Stainless Steel 6inch GK4 but it seems to be on back order all of the time. Can you please tell us honestly if the knife will be available in the next 10 days because if it is we will purchase it and other items from you. However, if it is not going to be available then we will just purchase two items from you and find an alternative shop for the Gilders Knife. Many thanks and we look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Regards David

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