The Sign Painters Academy

The Sign Painters Academy is an all-encompassing online sign painting course launched by Paul Myerscough of Bespoke Signs. It offers a thorough insight into the techniques and skills needed for a career in sign painting. Primarily video-based, you are able to see first hand and up close the details of painting letters. It is instantly

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Letterheads 2018: London Calling

In planning since July 2017, Letterheads 2018: London Calling came and went far too quickly following the opening party on 15 August. Now that the dust has settled, the organising team present the following summary of what happened for all those that participated and contributed to its overwhelming success. We would like to thank everyone

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The School of Decorative Art – Manchester

Steve Oxley’s School of Decorative Art is one of very few of its kind within the UK. The school, situated in Manchester, offers opportunities to learn and develop skills in Signwriting, Gilding, Woodgraining and Marbling, under the Bracket of Decorative Art. It provides these opportunities with a wide range of courses that are tailored to

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Jerry Ronda’s 2016 Letterheads Review

In this guest post, Jerry Ronda writes about his experience at the fantastic 2016 Letterheads event in Amsterdam! Jerry’s Letterheads 2016 Once upon a time….. there was a schoolkid named Jerry Ronda (me) and he needed an internship for his last year of graphic design school, this is where the great story begins. After doing

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