Book : The Barn Painter : Harley E. Warrick

Book : The Barn Painter : Harley E. Warrick

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This is Harley Warrick’s story, in his own words. The “last of the Mail Pouch barn painters” shares his vast experiences, from how barn painting began in 1878, to the tools of the trade, to the crews, helpers, and even the print and television media, to his devoted and loving family. Harley’s tale is part business, part personal, but all of it pure pleasure. This man, one of the last of a bygone era of travelling sign painters, not only saw America, but left an indelible imprint upon it. How many in the sign industry today can claim they contributed to historical landmarks and were “On the Road with Charles Kuralt”? A wonderful, nostalgic narrative, The Barn Painter also includes nearly 200 photos and illustrations, in both historical black and white and modern full colour. A fascinating look at a vanishing slice of Americana.

Size: 11.1 x 8.6 x 0.6 inches
Format: 113pp, hardback
Publisher: ST Media Group International Inc
ISBN-13: 978-0944094549



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