As a result of Brexit and the new lockdown restrictions we have become incredibly busy and at the same time short staffed. This has resulted in some large parcel delivery delays, we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

UK post and courier companies are reporting huge nationwide demand at present which is beginning to cause some delivery delays. 



Transport to the EU is now operating under Brexit regulations with special courier services.

However some couriers have temporarily suspended their service and others are experiencing delays. The courier companies are doing their utmost to rectify the situation and we will update this page regularly.

Please be aware that some delivery fees to the EU will appear high but please remember that this includes your local VAT. This means that the parcel can travel through customs quickly and smoothly without the need for you to pay additional fees. Please note that we are unable to send any hazardous goods to the EU at present.


How will the UK’s departure from the EU on the 31st December affect our customers?

For Customers in the EU

The rules for sending orders from our warehouse in the UK to customers in any of the EU countries will change on 1st January 2021, but because of new regulations being launched by the European Union they will change again on the 1st July 2021.

From January to June 2021 your order will not have VAT added at our website checkout (as at present) but will instead be stopped at customs as it enters the EU and VAT will need to be paid at that point, on any order over 22 euros.

Orders under 22 euros will not be assessed for VAT and may therefore clear through customs more quickly.


During these six months we will be giving our customers two options for the payment of these taxes if they are due:

1. The customer will settle any amounts due by means of a credit card payment direct to our carriers DPD. When this option is chosen DPD will send a text message with details of how much to pay and how to pay it.

2. Handover will pay any VAT and Duty due on behalf of the customer to enable a seamless process from placing your original order to it being delivered to your doorstep. An amount equivalent to the VAT and duty due will be added to your postage charge to cover the cost of these taxes paid by us.


During the first weeks of the new arrangements, we imagine that there may be delays of an extra day or two in delivery while the shippers and customs staff become used to the new systems and paperwork. We expect this to reduce substantially after a short while.

After 1st July 2021 the system will become much easier again as Handover will be allowed to register for VAT under a new system. This will enable us to add the VAT to your order at the checkout stage of our website and the packet will pass through customs without further delay or procedures. It will also allow us to make an economy shipping option available again.


This system is already in place for sales to Norway and is working well.

For Customers in the UK

We are working hard to ensure that the impacts of leaving the EU have no noticeable effect on our customers, either in terms of the ease of purchasing, the availability of supplies, or the price of the products.

We already purchase goods from countries around the world and have many years of experience in dealing with customs and border requirements. Products bought from EU suppliers will now be treated in exactly the same way and although there will inevitably be additional costs in processing, we hope to be able to absorb, or at least substantially limit, these and not pass them on to our customers.

As with deliveries from the UK to Europe, imports into this country may well be subject to additional delays, especially during the first few weeks when the systems are new to everyone, but we are already building up stocks where we can to tide us over this initial disruption.