Daler Rowney : Goldfinger : Metallic Paste : 22ml : Copper

Daler Rowney : Goldfinger : Metallic Paste : 22ml : Copper

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Goldfinger is an all-purpose, rub-on metallic paste. It can be used for anything from the restoration of antiques to gilding picture frames; or for stencilling, plaster, clay or wood decoration, mouldings for imitation ormolu furniture, textiles, leather, plastics, model making and greeting cards.

Easy to use, Goldfinger is simply applied with a soft cloth or finger, and after a short time can be buffed to a fine lustre. It produces a professional finish with no signs of metallic particles or smears. For intricate work, Goldfinger can be thinned with white spirit or turpentine and used with a brush.

To preserve the lustre, Goldfinger can be treated with Goldfinger Varnish. It is very economical in use – a little goes a long way. Best results on porous or slightly abraded surfaces.



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