Handover : Italian : Metal Leaf Gilding System: Base

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Handover : Italian : Metal Leaf Gilding System: Base Special Gold Size for high-gloss finish is made up of two components: The first component is a bright yellow base, which should be applied to the surface to be gilded. If the material to be gilded is porous (e.g. gesso) it is necessary to apply (in one or more coats) an acrylic varnish or gum arabic on the surface first. This procedure is not necessary if the gilding is to be done on non-porous materials such as metal, glass or well-polished marble or porphyr. Once the yellow base has been applied it must be left for 12 hours in a clean, dry place, so that dust particles do not stick to the still wet base.

-First part component - to be used with Handover : Italian : Metal Leaf Gilding System: Activator

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