Handover : Natural Honeycomb Sea Sponge : Large Approx. 5 - 6 in

Handover : Natural Honeycomb Sea Sponge : Large Approx. 5 - 6 in

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This natural sea sponge is of a type commonly called “Honeycomb Sponges”.

Growing naturally on the sea bed, their surfaces are irregular and varied making them ideal for use by specialist decorators and artists who wish to obtain “random” effects when applying paints.

Sponges are also used, of course, for washing and bathing due to the copious amounts of liquid that they can retain.

Honeycombs are one of over 5000 different types of sponge all of which have their own characteristics and their own advantages and disadvantages for the user. “Honeycombs”are expensive compared to others available but they should be robust enough for continued and prolonged use in decorative sponging.

For less expensive sponges please look at our “Grass” sponges shown elsewhere on our website.


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