Handover : Pearlescent Mica Powder : 20g : Gold Satin 302

Handover : Pearlescent Mica Powder : 20g : Gold Satin 302

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This is a 20g bottle of Irodin Pearlescent Mica Powder. Made from tiny particles of mica, mica powders provide a pearly, metallic look without metal. Mica powders are non-toxic and color fast, with a neutral pH, and though you wouldn’t want to purposefully inhale them, they are less dangerous than metal pulvers. Available in a wide array of colors, mica powders have numerous uses for polymer clay artists as well as those who work in other media. They can be applied dry to the surface of raw clay, mixed into raw clay, painted onto raw or cured clay (though most will have to be mixed into a moist medium, first), and so on. Most surface applications will need a coat of polymer clay-friendly finish to prevent the powders from gradually rubbing off. The colour of this powder is Gold Satin 302.



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