Jackson's : Artist Oil Paint

51 colours available in 60ml and 225ml. Whites available in 1ltr and 2.5ltr.

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Jackson's Artist Oil Paints are made in the UK by combining high-quality modern pigments and refined linseed oils to create paints that are permanent and lightfast. These colours are carefully considered to provide a full palette and are made to high standards, ensuring they are luminous, vibrant and full of character.

These oil colours offer vibrant colour, a buttery consistency, and they mix well with other oil colours including our range of Professional Artist Oil paints. These tubes of intense colour can be squeezed from the tube and used as they are, or mixed with mediums to alter consistency and sheen. Jackson's Artist Oils do not contain metallic stearates, industrial fillers or anti-skinning agents.

Jackson’s Artist and Professional Oil paint and mediums along with the Jackson’s Artist Acrylic Paint range are formulated and manufactured in the UK using specified raw materials from suppliers who share our ethical principles and objectives. The manufacturing process involves no animal testing and all purchasing decisions are informed by Jackson's commitment to anti-slavery and outright objection to any form of child labour. At both the formulation stage and during manufacture, a process of continual review and further reduction of our environmental impact is maintained.

To use with Oil
Quality Excellent
Colour Lightfast No

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