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KOLNER : Leaf Protect : 1000ml
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KOLNER : Leaf Protect : 100ml
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Kölner Leaf Protect is specifically designed by Kölner to seal imitation metal leaf and prevent oxidation without causing a reaction or altering the leaf itself. Leaves such as Copper or Imitation Gold can be protected with no risk of discolouration and it dries to an attractive clear semi-gloss finish that preserves the lustre of the leaf beneath. It's unique acrylic formula means that it is quick-drying and easy to wash up with warm water and soap. Kölner Leaf Protect can be applied by brush ( if applying by brush we recommend using Kölner synthetic bristle brushes as they are designed to smoothly apply acrylic- and water-based products), polyester rollers or by spray equipment (following the usual process for spray application of acrylic clear coats.). Depending on conditions Kölner Leaf Protect will be dry in between 1 - 4 hours, recoat time is around 1 hour. Kölner Leaf Protect is a superb alternative to Universal Lacquer but please note - while Leaf Protect will protect the leaf against light wear, if a more durable finish is needed then we recommend using the Kölner Leaf Protect as an isolating varnish and applying coats of more hard-wearing acrylic varnishes as needed. Coverage - 15m2 per litre NOTE: This product is not suitable for use over silver leaf
Quality Excellent
Colour Lightfast No

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