Mr Brush : Urethane Pinstriping Paint 125 ml : White

Mr Brush : Urethane Pinstriping Paint 125 ml : White

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Mr. Brush Striping Enamel is designed for striping, lettering and airbrush artwork. It features high pigmentation, low solids for a minimal edge and long open time.Apply over existing finishes or topcoat with clears for a smooth, durable finish. Mr Brush may be top coated with acrylic lacquer, urethane enamel, acrylic enamel and alkyd enamel.

Mixing and applying: Stir the colour to be used. Deposit 1 or 2 loads of paint onto a pallet. All colours are inter-mixable and use Reducer No.102 to maintain proper consistency – simply add a small amount to a shot glass. dip your brush into the reducer and add to the mixture on your pallet 

Do a final wipe down with fast wax cleaner or water only, as wash solvents will remove the artwork.  

Mistakes over catalysed Urethane are easily removed with a rag dampened with acetone.

Clean brushes with reducer 102 or lacquer thinner.

Mr Brush Catalyst No.101, if added to the enamel, will increase gloss and chemical resistance, so clear coats are unnecessary.

To remove mistakes, wipe with acetone or reducer No.102 

Caution: Base coats will be removed with reducers unless they have been cleared with a topcoat 


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