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Turner’s Milk Paint is a water-based paint available in 16 colours which contains casein (a protein extracted from cows-milk) from Morinaga milk and uses acrylic as a binder. These paints dry to a matte, water-resistant finish and can be used on walls, wooden furniture, signs or interiors for a streaky or mottled ‘antique’ look. The range includes 16 muted pastel tones which replicate the rustic appearance of early American furniture, and a series of water-based mediums which can be used to alter the consistency or the finish:

  • an Antique Medium, which can be used to create a weathered, ‘shabby chic’ appearance to paint layers (especially those one wood or wooden furniture);
  • a Dust Medium, which imparts a dusty, antique appearance to the paint layers;
  • a Cracking Medium, which causes paint layers to craze as if they have suffered severe weathering;
  • a Plaster Medium, for use under paint layers for a stuccoed texture, or for mixing with Turner’s Milk Paints for impasto effects;
  • a Multi Primer, which will render smooth surfaces suitable for the application of Turner’s Milk Paints;
  • a Rust Medium, which will mimic the effects of oxidation on a painted metal surface;
  • a Clear Top Coat, which improves the durability of the casein paint, imparts a glossy sheen to it, and protects the colours from UV bleaching.

This is a 200ml tub of Cracking Medium. This medium is designed to be used between two layers of Turner Milk Paint to create a vintage ‘crazed’ look, as if the upper paint layer had suffered extreme weathering. First, apply a base coat of Turner Milk Paint in a dark colour, if necessary over a layer of Turner Multi Primer. This base coat will give the ‘cracks’ their colour and should be left to dry completely. Next, apply the undiluted Cracking Medium to the surface, and allow to dry until slightly sticky. The cracks will form in the direction of your brushstrokes; it might be desirable to follow the grain of the surface. A thick layer of medium will create large cracks; for a finely crazed finish, use the medium more sparingly.

Once the Cracking Medium has dried to a slightly tacky finish, paint your desired colour over the top. The paint will craze as it dries, leaving a pattern of cracks which are the colour of your base coat. Because this process is somewhat unpredictable, it is advisable to experiment before attempting to use this medium on a piece of furniture. Turner Cracking Medium is not fully water-resistant, so it is best not to use it on objects or surfaces which will be exposed to the elements.

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Country of Manufacture Japan
To use with Mural & Scene
Size 200 ml
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