Product Review : Flat Thin Ox Hair Lacquer Brush & Pure Sable Brights Oil Colour Brush Long Handle

Published on 25.09.2015 by Charlotte

Recently Nick Permain, an artist based in Newcastle and one of our customers, reviewed two different Handover brushes for us. Here is what he thought! Handover Pure Sable Brights Oil Colour Brush Long Handle : # 12 

This brush is suitable for a number of purposes and the sable brush hairs allow the artist to achieve detail and blending far superior to that of hog hair or synthetic brushes. The brush’s long handle also offers the opportunity to take a step back from the painting and ‘sketch’ the forms and shapes using loose brush marks.

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I used this brush to build surface layers of paint and the large handle proved useful in allowing me to make bold strokes that filled the canvas. The soft ox hair makes for a superior brush when compared to more generic synthetic brushes which can become too coarse when trying to thinly layer paint.

Occasionally hairs came loose from the brush but this is inevitable with this kind of hair - although the brush may suffer from more shedding it has, in my experience, proved to be a brush which creates smooth brush marks that are great for layering, blending and under painting.

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