Product Review : Handover Yellow Low Tack Lining Tape

Published on 09.03.2016 by Charlotte

Long standing Handover customer, master pinstriper, teacher and all round great guy Neil Melliard recently reviewed our new (ish!) low tack lining tape. Here's what he thought!

I have recently been trying out rolls of the 1/4 inch/ 6mm Yellow Low Tack Lining Tape on various jobs from workshop projects to outside lettering jobs, all with success.
First job up was a sample of gilding using 1 Shot 4008 gold size tinted with a bit of enamel. The tape gives a sharp edge even with close scrutiny, with the bonus of leaving no adhesive, unlike many other fine line tapes.
With the above in mind, I was doing an outside job on a very cold day, maybe one or two degrees above zero. In an attempt to speed things up I used the yellow tape for top and bottom lines and the ends of letters. Impressed to find that even in such cold conditions, the tape stuck well enough to give crisp lines and sharp corners. No adhesive left behind. A risk on freshly glossed outside jobs is the tape peeling the fresh background paint - no dramas in this case, mainly due to the very low tack of the tape.

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On a scooter I have been doing a full custom paint job on, I decided to give the Yellow Low Tack Tape a go where I would normally use an automotive fineline tape. While the yellow tape will not go round tight corners like the auto tapes I usually use, I found that I got really sharp airbrushed lines using acrylic auto basecoats, with no bleeding, at high temps. So, certainly useable on long taped lines for automotive paint jobs. Overall I have found the Yellow Low Tack Lining tape really impressive. A great all round lining tape for use in all temperatures, leaves no adhesive and gives sharp lines. At a fraction of the cost of most fineline tapes, I will make sure I have several rolls available in my paintbox. It's a must!


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