Signwriters: Leeds Meet-Up

Published on 18.04.2018 by Rachel

We love looking at the highlights from a sign writer's meet-up that took place last month at Light Space, Leeds. It's always a pleasure to sponsor sign writing events that are full of talent and fun! Hosted by Kieran and the team from Third Eye Signs, the event was packed full with creative designs, good people and good times. Check out the event video and some of our favourite photos below! [embed][/embed] 📹 Credit: Tim Dunk Photography @tim_dunk. The next event is COMING SOON! If you are interested in attending, simply get in touch by emailing [email protected]. 📷📷📷 Credit:Tim Dunk Photography @tim_dunk. [gallery size="medium" link="file" ids="1933,1921,1920,1925,1926,1931,1923,1935,1932,1934,1919,1922,1929,1924,1927,1928,1930"]


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