The School of Decorative Art - Manchester

Published on 27.04.2018 by Rachel

Steve Oxley's School of Decorative Art is one of very few of its kind within the UK.

The school, situated in Manchester, offers opportunities to learn and develop skills in Signwriting, Gilding, Woodgraining and Marbling, under the Bracket of Decorative Art. It provides these opportunities with a wide range of courses that are tailored to beginners with no experience, to advanced students. Historically signwriting has been incredibly popular. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the move to sign writing correlated with the rise in literacy rates in Britain, with a lot of signs for businesses forming landmarks for directions. Throughout this time painting signs was taught in trade school, with formal training focused on classical lettering and minimal forms.     In present day, signpainting or writing is no longer taught in trade schools. However, with the rise in popularity in signwriting, there are places such as Steve Oxley's School of Decorative Arts that are able to keep up this teaching and training, using professional and traditional methods. Decorative schools like this give insight into traditional techniques and can help dedicated individuals to reach a very high standard. 🖌If you're interested in taking part, all of the information can be found on the School of Decorative Art website.🎨 🖌If you can't make it to Manchester, be sure to look out for your local Signwriting and Decorative arts workshops and schools!🎨


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