Pounce patterns

Published on 10.03.2020 by Rachel

There are a number of ways to transfer a design, the traditional way is with a pouce pattern.

This method requires the design be drawn to scale and then the lines are perferated by small dots using a pouce wheel. The paper can then be flipped and lightly gone over with sandpaper, this isnt essential, but will open the holes slightly more making the next step easier.

The design is then placed on the area to be painted and 'pounced' with a pounce pad and pounce powder. Pounce powder at one time was powdered Cuttlefish bones, but for many years now it has been chalk-based.

The powder is available in a selection of colours to ensure there is an option that will provide contrast to the background. A pounce pad is a tool designed to apply the powder, it is a small box with a soft fabric side that allows the fine powder though and into the perforated holes in the pattern.

The benefit of a pounce pattern is that it can be used repeatedly so it is ideal if the same design needs to be painted in numerous locations.

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