Flower Painting Tutorial

Published on 04.05.2020 by Rachel

Next in the customer created tutorials is traditional flower painting.

I was lucky enough to meet Steph (and her excellent dog Blue) at the Norwich Letterheads hosted by Kieran Harper and Rizzo Studio.

Steph is new to signwriting but has been painting these roses for a while after being shown by a friend, and has been putting them to great use on tins, signs, and flowerpots! Her folk art style is a beautiful insight into her horse-drawn way of life.

The flower begins as a simple circle, then strokes are added to build up the flower, letting each layer dry each time.

Steph uses a signwriting chisel in a size 5 and uses the shape of the chisel to create the sharp points and smooth strokes.


For the colours, 1-Shot paints in imitation gold and orange are used for yellow roses and salmon pink and chamois for white roses. Generally, choose a darker colour for the background and a lighter shade for the petals. The 1-Shot colours mix brilliantly so can be used to make endless shades!

You can watch the full process video below, and you can follow Stephs work on her instagram!



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