The 26 Letters

Published on 01.02.2021 by Rachel

Following on from the success of the Sign Painters Academy, Paul Myerscough has released the 26 Letters series. Its a collection of real time videos that demonstate a huge range of techniques and allow you to see up close how to create letter effects. Check out the video below and read why Paul decided to make this series.

Why did I decide to make these demonstrations?…
"So I was thinking one day about what would have been the most helpful when I first started out on my career as a Signpainter. The answer was fairly obvious….a way of seeing how a seasoned pro worked, a way being taught all the amazing tricks, techniques, and tips that are accumulated throughout a pros career. The very things that make your work stand out in the crowd.

Now you can of course pick up some of the methods taught here from books. Some of it you can’t! The fact remains, it’s far easier to learn a skill when you are actually shown how to do it in real-time with the instructor explaining what they are doing whilst working. Unlike a live demo, here you are able to pause, go back, and watch the demo as often as you like. Until you fully understand what is being taught.

The series is designed as a learning tool for people who are already studying Signpainting, who want to take their skills to the next level. It’s also developed for you if you are just starting out. It’s an invaluable tool that you can use to fastback your skills, helping you towards your dream of becoming a pro-Signpainter! In a nutshell, if you are to learning to paint signs. This is your new encyclopedia!

Each letter is handpainted using various techniques, tips, and tricks which I have learned over my 33 years of being a sign painter. Some of these were happy accidents which then came to be common practice in my workshop. Most of the things I show you you can’t learn from books as they simply aren’t in them.

All the demonstrations are filmed in real time with me commentating as I’m painting. They are filmed close up so you can see what is going on. You don’t need to see my face! You need to see what I’m doing with my hands and how I’m manipulating the brushes, materials, and other tools I’m using to produce each of the letters.

This is a visual course, there are no boring essays to read, just easy to follow demos which as I said you can pause, rewind, fast forward and watch as many times as you wish!"

The techniques covers in this series include:

  • Convex lettering
  • Surface gilding
  • Marbling
  • Directional burnishing
  • Glass gilding
  • Boston gild
  • Blending techniques
  • Patten making
  • Outlining
  • Cast shade
  • Block shade
  • Graining
  • Split shade
  • Double shade
  • Glasswork
  • Damar varnish
  • Rag rolling
  • Perspective
  • Fake neon
  • Airbrush

The series also includes the first 5 demonstrations from The Signpainters Academy, which covers the fundamental basics to make sure you are ready to start painting! If you are a complete beginner, there is also the Bootcamp course as well as the full Academy membership, the 26 letters are included in these courses, or if you love the 26 Letters, you can contact Paul to upgrade to one of these.

There is an introductory rate of £97 for a limited number of people on the 26 Letters.
The normal price will be £137.
As an added bonus, you get a 20% discount on your first order with Handover when joining the course.


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