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TIXE was established in 1939 under the name Cristoforo Tixe and still bears the name of its founder. Originally a small artisan company, Tixe relocated to the industrial area of Arenzano in the 1980s and has since expanded to its current 8000sq m headquarters in Capriata d'Orba. This site is equipped with a full range of apparatus for product testing, as well as carrying out important research and development into new products, specifically eco-friendly products!
At Handover, we stock both the classic solvent-based products and the innovative water-based products. The ranges contain internal/external paints and it can get a little confusing so below is an outline of all the Tixe products on offer at Handover, if you need advice, or have any questions please email Rachel at [email protected] and I will be happy to discuss the differences between the ranges!



Tixe have created a range of metallic paints based on synthetic resins, pigmented with bronze powder, or in the case of the silver, they are pigmented with micro flakes of pure aluminium. These come ready to use and are available in internal (per interni) and external versions (per esterni).

The internal solvent-based range includes six gold shades and two silver/chrome shades and is ideal for frames, stucco, decorations, and furniture. (Product codes beginning TXD and TXDN)


The external solvent-based range consists of three gold shades and one silver (if coated with the protective clearcoat) and is suited to railings and architectural elements exposed to weather. (Product codes beginning TXDU) Shop the solvent-based range here.


Water-based / All'acqua

The TIXE water-based 'all'acqua' range is also pigmented with bronze powder resulting in a highly effective metallic paint that gives the effect of metal leaf.

The internal water-based range contains five gold shades and one silver
The external water-based range contains three gold shades.

It is essential to ensure that you are using the correct paint for the job. The paints are available in both an external and internal range in both solvent-based and water-based. Use of the interior paint for an outside job could result in oxidisation and consequent darkening when exposed to moisture and/or aggressive weather conditions.

In both the solvent and water-based ranges there is the option of the protective glaze - a clear lacquer for added protection and resilience. If necessary, this can sometimes be applied to an internal paint to increase its durability if needed to be used outdoors. Below is a list of the product colours and their availability in the internal and external ranges so you can be sure which is suitable! Shop the water-based range here

For both ranges, there is the option of a protective transparent topcoat.

Following in a future blog post will be a (hopefully helpful) comparison of some of the metallic paints we offer.



Tixe enamels are designed for providing high coverage and durability to a range of surfaces. Ideal as a base/background enamel, they offer a smooth high gloss professional finish.


This solvent-based gloss enamel is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Extremely durable and with excellent coverage, this range is available in 23 shades. (Product codes beginning TXEG)
Room temperature: min. 10 ° C / max 35 ° C
Each litre covers 11 - 13 m², depending on the porosity of the surface. Touch dry after 6 hours, allow 24 hours before recoating.
Shop the range here.

OPACO BRILLTIX is a solvent based enamel that dries to a satin finish. Available in 12 colours, this enamel is again suitable both indoors and outdoors. (Product codes beginning TXE and TXBE)
Each litre covers 8 - 10 m² - Shop here

GELTIX ANTI-RUST ENAMEL is a weatherproof enamel suitable for indoors or outdoors recommended for gates, railings, and fences - Shop here.


Waterbased / Smalto All'acqua

Aquatix is a glossy water-based enamel with very high coverage and strong resistance and is especially suitable indoors where a low odor is required. (Product codes TXSW) Available in 14 colours, each litre covers 8 - 10 m².
Shop here.
The water-based enamels are also available in a satin finish (Product codes beginning TXSA and TXSM) Shop here


As well as adding to Handovers range of metallics and enamels, Tixe have developed some really interesting specialist finishes!


This is a two-component paint of exceptional hardness to be used on ceramic surfaces, suitable for sinks and baths in ceramic and also in fiberglass. Available in 8 shades, dilute with nitro thinner, each litre covers 8 - 10 m². Both parts are sold together as one unit. (Product codes beginning TXR) Shop here.


Fluorescente / Fluorescent Water-based Enamel

This water-based paint is available in four luminous shades, all ideal for increasing the visibility of objects, even in low light conditions. To give the best effect it is essential to apply the product over a white background. If used outdoors it is recommended to apply a coat of transparent paint for durability. Shop here.

Phosphorescent Water-based Enamel

This water-based paint contains phosphorescent (glow in the dark) pigments with a high persistence of up to 12 hours! Suitable for internal use only this paint is ideal for children's bedrooms etc! Shop here.


Glittertix is a paint range containing different colour glitter suspended in a transparent emulsion. Easy to use, these are used as an additive to water-based paints, not to be used alone. The recommended amount to add to a base is 10%. Not suitable for in solvent-based or lime/silicate products.
Tixe recommend applying this product with a roller to better distribute the glitter. Shop here.


Metaltix - Wrought Iron Effect

For indoor and outdoor use Metaltix gives the effect of wrought iron in 5 different shades including 'Verde'. Ideal for gates and railings, this water-based paint is available in 250ml and 500ml. Shop here.

Qibli - Sandblast Effect

Qibli is a decorative finish formulated with sand and bronze powders to give a metallic, tactile sandblasted effect. Available in four metallic shades, the Qibli can be mixed with the Tixe water-based enamels to create a wide range of metallic shades. The recommended ratio is 1:8 (125 ml of water-based Tixe enamel per litre of Qibli). Shop here.


Termotix - High Temperature Enamel

Available in black and silver, this enamel combines silicone compound resins and pigments that have been carefully selected for resistance to heat up to 650°C. Suitable for: mufflers, stoves, pipes etc. Dilute with nitro thinners, each litre will cover approximately 9m². Shop here.

Spartix - Roadline Paint

This fast-drying paint for road markings. Incredibly durable and resistant to abrasion it is specially designed for use on roads in asphalt or cement. Available in white and yellow. Shop here.

Flatting - Water-based for on wood

This water-resistant and weatherproof clear coat is specially designed to protect wood long-term due to additives and UV filters. Available in gloss (lucido) and satin (opaco) each litre covers 8-10m². Shop here.


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