A Signpainter's Sketch Book : Noel B. Weber

A Signpainter's Sketch Book : Noel B. Weber

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Noel B. Weber is well-known in the sign industry and beyond for his outstanding reverse-glass gold leaf gilding work. He has also been awarded for the custom dimensional signage he produced at his shop in Boise, Idaho.
Now, for the first time, Noel is sharing the extensive selection of original pencil sketches. Many of the pieces in this volume were gilded, painted or fabricated for business signage. Others were made for friends and family members: personal typographic gifts, free from the constraints of commercial application.
Using a drafting light table and a sharpened pencil, Noel brings his years of experience and his warm personality to each and every word. Seen together, these drawings evoke the 1920s, 30s and 40s lettering that influenced his distinctive personal style. they are also a testament to the benefit of developing a timeless design through a process of hand-drawn overlays.
This book has creative ideas and typographic inspiration for anyone interested in lettering, design, and traditional sign making.



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