DVD: The ABC of Sign Painting by Pierre Tardif

DVD: The ABC of Sign Painting by Pierre Tardif

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The ABC of Sign Painting with Pierre Tardif
Volume 1 – Getting Started and Block Lettering

This DVD contains 2 hours of expert instruction from the master Sign Painter from Canada – Pierre Tardif. Everything you need to know to start sign painting.

Pierre Tardiff has been hand lettering for over 30 years. Since the opening of his sign shop in 1988, all of his work has been hand painted, and it still is today. His work has been featured in many magazines, books, TV productions, movies and adverts. Pierre has taught and demonstrated his art across Canada, United States and Europe, as well as at traditional trade shows, sign conventions and workshops. As a very skilled artist driven by passion, he has spent years practicing and perfecting the art of traditional sign painting, and he is now ready to teach you!

“OK Folks, I see many of you wanting to learn hand lettering. Here is your opportunity! You couldn’t possibly learn from a better teacher! You’ll come away with something that will be with you for life, unlike the latest wizz bang or computer gizmo. Get close to Pierre and maybe some of his passion will run off!” – George Perkins, Perkins Artworks, Millington TN

This DVD covers:
• How to start
• Structure of the letters
• Brush strokes
• Tools of the trade
• Practice tips
• and much more!

Watch the trailer on YouTube here

Please note: this DVD is in PAL format to play in the UK/Europe. If you would like the DVD in a different format, please contact our customer service team, who will be happy to arrange a special order for you.


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