Manetti : Metal Leaf Loose : 80 x 80mm : Palladium

Manetti : Metal Leaf Loose : 80 x 80mm : Palladium

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Each book of gold leaf contains 25 leaves that measure 80mm x 80mm. 1 book of gold will cover an area of 0.16m² without waste or overlap. (The amount of waste can be determined by the gilder’s own level of expertise and will depend on the complexity of the surface being gilded.) The higher the gold content of a leaf the more resistant it will be to tarnishing. Gold Leaf of less than 22 carat should be protected from the atmosphere with a lacquer. Loose leaf gold will disintegrate if touched with a finger so is usually lifted using a gilder’s tip (see our brushes section)

Please note: Manetti gold/silver leaf may be delivered in Handover card to protect the sheets during transit.



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