Manetti : Silver Leaf Transfer : 95 x 95mm

Manetti : Silver Leaf Transfer : 95 x 95mm

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Each book of silver leaf contains 25 leaves that measure 95mm x 95mm. 1 book of silver will cover an area of 0.23m² without waste or overlap. (The amount of waste can be determined by the gilder’s own level of expertise and will depend on the complexity of the surface being gilded.) The higher the gold content of a leaf the more resistant it will be to tarnishing – this means silver leaf should always be protected from the atmosphere with a lacquer.

Transfer Leaf is the same as loose leaf except that each leaf has been pressed onto a lightly waxed sheet of tissue paper which can be picked up, thus avoiding contact with the metal. The tissue is then offered up to the sized area and rubbed from behind so that the leaf transfers from the paper to the object to be gilded.

Further transfer pressing is available. As a standard, transfer leaf comes loosely pressed – a loosely pressed leaf will come straight off the paper as soon as you stick any part of it to the gold size. A medium or hard-pressed leaf will only come off where you have pressed the leaf to the size, the rest of the leaf will stay on the paper to use again. The hard-pressed leaf is ideal when working on small letters and details, like honours boards, where the whole leaf coming off would result in a lot of wasted leaf.

Please note: Manetti gold/silver leaf may be delivered in Handover card to protect the sheets during transit.

Please note: metal leaf pressed services cannot be returned or cancelled. Any leaf (gold or metal, etc) which is transfer leaf (rather than loose) can be pressed.



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