Leonard Bullier :String Bound Domed Lily Bristle Brush : # 12

Leonard Bullier :String Bound Domed Lily Bristle Brush : # 12

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This is a traditional domed, white bristle brush, which is bound in string rather than in a metal ferrule. It is particularly suited to work where the risk of a corroding metal ferrule should be avoided or to avoid scratching delicate objects or furniture.

This series is available in the following sizes:

  • Size 2: 3mm width at ferrule = 12mm hair length
  • Size 4: 5mm width at ferrule = 15mm hair length
  • Size 6: 8mm width at ferrule = 19mm hair length
  • Size 8: 10mm width at ferrule = 23mm hair length
  • Size 10: 11mm width at ferrule= 27mm hair length
  • Size 12: 12mm width at ferrule = 30mm hair length
  • Size 14: 18mm width at ferrule = 32mm hair length
  • Size 16: 22mm width at ferrule = 40mm hair length
  • Size 18: 25mm width at ferrule = 69mm hair length



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