Handover : Whiting : 1kg Handover : Whiting : 1kg

Handover : Whiting : 1kg

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A neutral calcium carbonate ground to a fine powder. This is an ingredient in gesso and traditional paints such as distemper, and often used as a substitute to pounce powder. This recipe is recommended to make your own gesso: (25% whiting, 25% rabbit skin glue and 50% water).

In intaglio printmaking whiting powder has a number of applications including plate wiping and plate degreasing. Mixed to a gloopy paste on the plate with ammonia or white vinegar, it is completely non-abrasive and will remove dirt and greasy finger marks prior to applying acid-resistant grounds and stop-outs. For more information take a look at the PDF below:

pdf=Jacksons_etching_plate_descriptions.pdf Jackson’s Etching Plates Explained.



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