Jackson's : Shellsol T : Odourless Solvent : 1000ml

Jackson's : Shellsol T : Odourless Solvent : 1000ml

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Shellsol T is an odourless mineral solvent which is a popular alternative to turpentine for cleaning brushes. It can also be used to dilute oil paint and mediums. It will take between 6-8 hours to evaporate and must be used in an environment with adequate ventilation. It will evaporate for oil paint films entirely. Shellsol T has a 60°C flashpoint.

Please note, we cannot send by air mail anything which is hazardous and above 250ml; anything flammable or toxic; any aerosols, unless by special order.

pdf=ShellsolT.pdf Jackson’s Shellsol T – Safety Data Sheet.


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