Jackson's : Gloss Gel Oil Medium : 250ml

Jackson's : Gloss Gel Oil Medium : 250ml

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Jackson’s Gloss Gel Medium is a clear medium based on a synthetic resin accelerates drying of oil colour and improves their weather resistance. Ideal for glazing and extending colours while retaining gloss, viscosity and structure of paint. Fast drying.

It is is advised to store Jackson’s Oil Medium at a stable temperature. Storage in an overly hot or cold environment will affect the consistency of the product.

Maintenance of Alkyd Mediums
Like all alkyd-based mediums, the introduction of air space in the bottle allows for solvent evaporation and drying – even with the lid closed. To compensate, add a little solvent of your choice to the bottle immediately after use and shake it well to maintain the desired thickness of the medium. We tested a variety of types of solvent and they all worked.

Rescuing Thickened Alkyd Medium
If your painting medium has thickened but is still fluid, add in a small amount of solvent and shake thoroughly. Continue adding more solvent and shaking until the medium is close to its original consistency. If a fluid alkyd painting medium has thickened to a gelled consistency, it will no longer help to add solvent – unfortunately it cannot be rescued.

Read our blog about how to use this product in Dammar Embossing to create a beautiful texture to a reverse glass gild >



  • Jackson's : Gloss Gel Oil Medium : 250ml
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    SKU: MSG250
    £16.80 incl. VAT
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