Lefranc Bourgeois : Cracking Varnish : 250ml

Lefranc Bourgeois : Cracking Varnish : 250ml

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Lefranc Bourgeois Cracking Varnish is designed for use with Lefranc Bourgeois Ageing Varnish. It is designed to produce a pattern of cracks resulting from a chemical reaction which mimic a genuine craqueleur (which is the result of age). It can be applied to various surfaces including cardboard and wood, as well as works of art painted with acrylic, alkyd or oil paints. This is a 250ml bottle.

First, apply a uniform coat of ageing varnish. Then wait either 1.5-2.5 hours (for large cracks) or 2.5-4 hours (for fine cracks). The varnish must be moist to the touch but not tacky. Then apply a thin coat of Cracking Varnish in the opposite direction to that in which the coat of Ageing varnish was applied. Wait for 3 to 4 hours for fine cracks and leave the object to dry. Apply Brown Patina or Patina black to emphasize cracks, avoiding touching the object. Apply a new coat of Ageing varnish over the cracks to protect your work.

Please note, the cracking process is dependent on humidity: for full instructions, see the information sheet below.

pdf=crackingvarnish.pdf Safety Data Sheet

pdf=lefranc-ageing-varnish-info.pdf Information Sheet

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