Masque Pen : Supernib & Empty Bottle

Masque Pen : Supernib & Empty Bottle

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The Supernib slips over the Masquepen and with its 0.5mm stainless steel nib achieves superfine detail and even better control of the masking fluid. It is easily cleaned, (even on location) using the Cleaning Bottle supplied with the Supernib.

Masque Pen: Masking Fluid Applicator available here

Masque Pen: Refill (30ml) available here

Read about masking fluid on our blog

Please note, this is an add-on extra-fine tip and empty bottle for washing water through your tip right away to keep it from becoming clogged. You will need to purchase either the original Masquepen applicator or the refill to get the masking fluid.


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  • Masque Pen : Supernib & Empty Bottle
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    £4.70 incl. VAT
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