Mixol : Universal Stainer : 80 ml : Glitter

Mixol : Universal Stainer : 80 ml : Glitter

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The recommended maximum doses to be added are: colourless coatings 10%, in some cases higher doses of up to 20% are possible with wall paints however it should be tested in advance. Stir in using a stirring apparatus, if available

(US/GB) Glitter Effecttinting paste 

Normal Glitter Effecttinting pastes can be mixed into water based wall paint and/or unpigmented/pigmented coating systems, such as glazes (for wall, wood or cement) and wood seals

Binderfree multipurpose paste, with a high proportion of glittereffect pigments for the effective enhancement of all types of wall paint

To ensure the effect in the desired manner and to avoid any incompatibilities please make test in advance

Pay attention when using matt glazes: when the paint has dried, the glittering effect can be enhanced by brushing the surface with a stiff brush

For transparent types of coating, the addition of glit ter is most effective. The particularly low weight of the glitter pigments causes to be suspended on the sur face of the paint film. Due to this property, even colored wall paints can be enhanced with the addition of glitter

Pay attention when using glossy glazes: the glitter pigments can lead to adhesion problems with the underground, so the glitter can be rubbed off by hand. Due to this, please test in advance that the glitter pigments are firmly bound in the paint

Please note: when using white or colored pigment varnishes or lacquers, such pigments may hide the glitter flakes of the added glitter paste to impede the effect. Thus Glitter pastes cannot be generally used with every material.



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