Treasure Gold : Treasure Sealer Treasure Gold : Treasure Sealer

Treasure Gold : Treasure Sealer

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Treasure sealer is a clear, fast-drying, penetrating sealer that has been developed for use on all surfaces. It has been developed as the only coating to be used in conjunction with Treasure Gold and Liquid Leaf, and can be used as:

  • A protective sealer over gilded surfaces to retard tarnish
  • A sealer for porous material such as raw wood and plaster 
  • A waterproofing sealer for wallpaper and murals
  • It performs like a cushion under paint, absorbing the blows which cause paint to chip

Apply with a clean brush. Dries by evaporation in 15 minutes. A second coat can be applied immediately if neccessary. Clean brush with solvent alcohol. 

It’s fine to apply oil paint over sealed liquid leaf, turpentine will not reactivate the liquid leaf when sealed. Unsealed liquid leaf will reactivate if turps is worked into it. Liquid leaf resists tarnishing, the sealer is an extra protective layer.


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