Handover : Italian : Metal Leaf Gilding System: Activator

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Handover : Italian : Metal Leaf Gilding System: Activator

In the same way that water is used in the water-gilding method, this liquid, which we call the activator, reactivates the adhesive substances in the yellow "Handover : Italian : Metal Leaf Gilding System: Base". It is possible to apply the activator onto a surface on which the yellow base has already been applied even a year after the application of the yellow base; for example, one can spray different frames with the yellow base, and then store them for several months; the activator can then be applied as the pieces are sold and gilded. There are different drying times relative to the surface in question (metal, marble, gesso with gum arabic etc..). Nevertheless, these are nearly always relatively short times, i.e. under 30 minutes. Once it is sure that the object is ready to be gilded, you can begin with the gilding phase, but is recommended that the gilding phase is finished within 10 hours. This product has also been designed for applications of external gilding, thus giving it increased guarantee when it is used internally.

Second part component - to be used with Handover : Italian : Metal Leaf Gilding System: Base

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